Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Our Commercial Property Management is full spectrum, services include; property maintenance, tenant retention and coordination, and accounting designed to make your ownership easier. Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate focuses on providing the best possible return for your investment.

Below is a brief outline of the Commercial Property Management Services we provide:

A.  Asset Management 

·        Provide efficient and proper management of the Property by maintaining frequent contact with the Owner or their consultants; attorneys, accountants, etc.

·        Budget & Proforma Budget Preparation.

·        Maintain Positive Landlord and Tenant Relations.

B.  Financial Management

·        Collect rents and maintain records of collection.

·        Maintain Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable.

·        Bill appropriate common area charges, taxes, insurance, etc.

·        Provide Owners with access to detailed reports, including; tenant profiles, property ledgers, and sales and leasing reports.

·        Access to monthly financial statements via Online Portal or distribution through Mail.

·        Secure competitive bids for insurance and any other expenses, when needed.

·        Preparation of required 1099s.

·        File all personal property reports, as needed.

·        Preparation of common area, mall expense reports, and property tax proration charges, as needed.

·        Invoice tenants for appropriate Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases, common area maintenance (CAM) charges, property taxes, insurance and fixed incremental rent increases.

C.    Physical Maintenance

·        Physical Inspections, conducted frequently and as needed.

·        Coordinate all maintenance activities, repairs, and property improvements.

·        Enforce any Property/Communal rules and regulations.

·        Offer recommendations for common area improvements and handle requests.

·        Negotiate contracts on Owner’s behalf with; independent contractors, on-site employees, etc.

Leasing or Tenant Placements

We also offer Leasing and Tenant Placements for property owners who are in need of assistance for placing a qualified tenant. Our core business is Commercial Real Estate and we are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide qualified prospective tenants. This information is provided through verified reference checks, credit reports, and criminal history reports, and is accompanied by our professional recommendation so you would be able to make an informed decision on placing your next Tenant.

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